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  1.  Dr. Kathryn E. Barnard, RN, PhD, FAAN (Emeritus)
Dr. Barnard, IS UW Professor Emeritus in Infant and Child Nursing and founding Director of the Center for Infant Mental Health and Development.  She is a longtime colleague of the late Dr. Lois Price Spratlen and strong supporter of her work in promoting educational opportunity and diversity.
2.  Mrs. Shirley Gilford, RN, BSN
Mrs. Gilford is a 1958 graduate of the UW School of Nursing and the second recipient of a Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization (M.M.P.N.O.) scholarship.  She is a retired Seattle Public Schools nurse who continues as a member of (the Organization. Her mission is to continue to invest in African Heritage students and improve the health of all.

3.  Mr. Paul A. Merriman
Mr. Merriman is the founder and retired board chairman of Merriman Capital.  Also, he is a nationally known author and speaker dedicated to educating and empowering investors in managing their financial resources.   Since his years as a student at Western Washington University in the 1960s, he has been a friend of Drs. Lois Price Spratlen and Thaddeus Spratlen.

4.  Dr. Robert L. Monahan, PhD and Mrs. Marilyn  Monahan
Dr. and Mrs. Monahan are retirees from Western Washington University where he was a Professor of Geography and she was a departmental administrative assistant. They have a lifelong commitment to education of diverse populations and helping others.  They collaborated with Lois Price Spratlen in establishing the M.M.P.N.O endowment in 1999.
5.  Dr. Lois Price Spratlen, RN, PhD, FAAN (Emeritus) and Dr. Thaddeus Spratlen, PhD
The late Dr. Lois Price Spratlen, was UW Professor Emeritus in Psychosocial Nursing and UW Ombudsman Emeritus. She was the founder of the MMPNO Endowment and member of Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization for over 40 years from the early 1970s until her death in 2013. Dr. Thaddeus Spratlen is Professor Emeritus in UWs Foster School of Business. Their lifetime commitment to education, equity and justice for all is reflected in their M.M.P.N.O. contributions as well as to other scholarship endowments and educational programs.
6.  Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas (sponsored by) Dr. Richard Dion, MD and Ms. Margaret Dion
Mrs. Thomas was the first African American Advanced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Seattle.  Liz was the nurse for one of the earliest Head Start programs in the Central Area following Lydia Goolsby and Dr. Dion who was the medical advisor. He heard of the program starting for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and recommended it to her. When she applied they turned   her down because the program was full. By chance Dr. Dion knew some of the people involved at the University and they made an extra space for her.  She was the perfect candidate as her career proved throughout her practice at Odessa Brown Clinic and in the community. Dr. and Mrs. Dion’s desire to honor the outstanding career and the work of Ms. Thomas led them to sponsor an endowed scholarship in her name.

7.  Dr. Arthur R. Thompson, MD, PhD and Dr. Elaine A. Thompson, RN, PhD
Dr Arthur Thompson is the retired head of the Puget Sound Blood Center in Seattle. Dr. Elaine Thompson is Professor Emeritus at the UW School of Nursing. Dr. Arthur Thompson’s work in hematology has impacted the lives of many families with genetic diseases. Dr. Elaine Thompson’s UW teaching and research career was in mental health with a focus on families and children. Their many contributions have supported the health of diverse populations and contributed greatly to the ongoing work in their fields.