About Mary Eliza MahoneyNamed in honor of the pioneering African American nurse Mary Eliza Mahoney. Graduating from the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Boston, MA in 1879, Mary was the first colored graduate nurse in the United States. For more than 40 years, Mary devoted her life to professional nursing, delivering services to patients in the home, clinics and hospitals, and promoting organizational development for nurses. Her life and legacy are celebrated by members of this and other professional nursing organizations and by numerous awards named in her honor.

Our Founding

Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization was first established as the Mary Mahoney Registered Nurse Club in 1949. Anne Foy Baker invited 12 other registered nurses to a meeting in her home to meet one another and discuss the idea of establishing a professional organization. Under her leadership, the organization was created with a two-fold mission: to provide information and support to one another, and to provide scholarship support to students pursuing
education and careers in nursing.

Our Mission The primary mission of the Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization (MMPNO) is to provide financial aid and scholarships to students of African heritage who pursue studies leading to careers in professional nursing. 

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